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5 February
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um, well, im shelley, what more is there to say.... well alot more actually. i was born in Fairbanks, Alaska and i moved to cali when i was 8. ive been playing soccer for 6 years. im a freshman at san marcos high school. i play guitar, i have an awsome lime green electric johnson. and i have a bf :). um, i have adhd and im hyper and i laugh alot and do spastic stuff, and i have fun with friends when im hyper. um, hmmm, what else? uh, some of my favorite bands are brand new, good charlotte, nirvana, green day, chevelle, dashboard confessonal, blink 182, mest, modest mouse, taking back sunday, marlin manson, slipnot and so much more. i have 2 dogs, a chijuajua named sandy and a micnab named nicky. theres alot more to my life and alot more about me, but i have nothing else to say at this moment in time.